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Our Vision

Beside building partnerships with our clients, PT.Global e-Solusi is always take opportunities to build websites that will benefit public.  The following are our product(s) :
Product description:
The is a product that is scheduled to be launched in December 2009 as the first and only website in Indonesia that provides information regarding lawyers and law firms in Indonesia. One of the benefits that public receives is that the website allow them to search lawyer(s) and/or law firm(s) based on their location and area of practice. The website is built in two languages, Indonesia and English.

Project status:
- 75% finished.

Launching Schedule:
January 2011

 Other Products
Our company not only consists of professional and skillful people, but we also have several brilliant ideas for developing web-related products that are scheduled to be launched in early 2011. We cannot, however, disclose such information in our website since it is considered as confidential.

Curious to know? Come and visit us again early 2011 to learn more about great products,



The following are some of the industries of our clients. No matter what industry your business is in, we will provide services that suits your need.

> Golf
> Distributors
> Book Publisher
> Training Organizer
> Event Organizer
> Hotel
> Journal Publisher
> Public Organization
> and more...

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