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Our Vision
About us

PT. Global e-Solusi will help you uncover hidden business opportunity, define your e-Business strategy, highlight the way forward for your business within this new environment, and guide you through the transformation creating more efficient web based processes.

Our vision is to be the best and most trusted web-based application developer in Indonesia. Our mission is to provide the best and honest solution that support our clients in aligning their IT strategies and business strategies to increase their productivities and profits. It is therefore our solutions are always the best for our clients by not considering what we can offer the most, but based on what our clients' needs and their capabilities to implement our proposed solutions. We believe that the best solution is not a solution that is most promising, but it is a solution that can be implemented and can appropriately fulfill all requirement and help achieving desired goals.

We understand that our competitors are always offer latest technology that we are also capable of. However, our clients always value our honesty in coming forward and telling them what alternative solutions that can reduce their investment but yet still achieve results nearly similar to solutions that require high investment.

In formulating solutions for our clients, we always start by understanding our clients' businesses as a whole, what their goals, visions and missions are, and what they have done so far in pursuing their goals and what their obstacles are. We always put ourselves in our clients' position in formulating proposed solutions, therefore our solutions are always the best solutions for our clients.

Our proposed solutions are carried out by our team that consist of professional and skillful individual. Combined with excellent project management, satisfactory results are always delivered on time.

In PT.Global e-Solusi, client satisfaction is, and will always remain, our main benchmark for measuring our success.

Client satisfaction is, and will
    always remain, our main benchmark
                        for measuring our success.

The following are some of the industries of our clients. No matter what industry your business is in, we will provide services that suits your need.

> Golf
> Distributors
> Book Publisher
> Training Organizer
> Event Organizer
> Hotel
> Journal Publisher
> Public Organization
> and more...

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